Bath Hill Court

An entire flat refurbishment including complete turnkey service and management of all client trades.

This exquisite property has been renovated to the highest specification. The flat is housed in the prestigious Bath Hill Court in Central Bournemouth, which allows sea views from the front of the building.


Due to the dated nature of the flat, a complete rewire and re-plumb was necessary in order to install modern lighting and warn off any future problems with electrics and plumbing.

Furnishings have been sympathetically reused to keep intact the original charm of the 1920s property, and other modern furnishings were chosen to lend an air of sophistication and panache to each room.


Plush new carpets were placed throughout and to give the entrance hall and hallways a more modern feel, Karndean flooring was placed on top of sufficient soundproofing - which is essential in older blocks of flats.

The curtains and blinds were bespoke and made by our team of curtain makers using Harlequin and Romo fabrics.

Rob Properties_MG_7801.jpg
Rob Properties_MG_7803.jpg

In the kitchen, a stud wall was placed to make best use of the space, and to allow the utility room to be separate from the kitchen. 

Bathrooms have been created with an inspired use of space and exceptional modern vibe.



Robert Lessmann