Q&A with JPS Landscape Design

Garden Landscapes

Inspiring garden design and landscaping is often a crucial aspect of home design. Harmonising what’s happening inside with how the space works outside is important. We regularly collaborate closely with specialists and have worked with JPS Landscape Design on a couple of our projects, and chatted to Director at JPS Landscape, Janine Pattison, about how they work. Like us, they’re all about using their expertise to interpret what the client wants, and come up with the best solutions, which are sometimes beyond what the client ever thought possible.

How would you describe JPS Landscape Design? 

A forward-thinking landscape design practice that enjoys the process of responding to the client brief and unique characteristics of a site. 


How long have you been doing it and how did you begin?

JPS was established back in 2003 and arose out of a desire to combine creative talents with practical horticultural training. It is still an unusual combination as many garden designers are not horticulturists and few trained horticulturists are also designers 


What is JPS Landscape and Design’s USP, would you say?

We deliberately avoid a ‘house style’ of garden design. We feel it is important to respond to the site and the clients requirements rather than impose a fixed JPS solution. However, people often say that they can recognise a JPS garden. Quality design does not age.

What are the key things people should consider when creating their garden?

The aspect of the garden is critical to understand – identifying areas of sun and shade at different times of the day will inform the design solution. There is no point putting the shed in the sunniest part of the garden.


What’s your favourite part of what you do?

Meeting interesting people who become valued clients is a great part of the practice. Creating something that wasn’t there before is very satisfying.


What is the most asked question from clients to you?

How soon can I have my new garden? And, how much will it all cost? 


Describe your dream garden and what you would use it for.

A peaceful garden filled with beautiful plants where one can relax and share with family and friends! 

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