Client Spotlights

Transformative Designs

Introducing “Client Spotlights: Transformative Designs,” where we delve into the remarkable stories behind some of our most captivating projects. From the bustling metropolis of Dubai to the tranquil retreats of suburban neighbourhoods, each spotlight showcases the unique visions and challenges our clients bring to the table. Join us as we journey through captivating narratives of creativity, innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship, unveiling the secrets behind the stunning transformations that have redefined spaces and lifestyles. Welcome to a world where design meets inspiration, and dreams become reality.

Marina Gate: A Fusion of Gulf & European Elegance

Our Swiss clients embarked on a relocation journey to Dubai, desiring a home that seamlessly blended the rich Gulf style with a touch of sophisticated European design. Nestled in the central and sought-after Marina Gate towers, this 21st-floor apartment boasts breathtaking views of the marina and sea. Facing time constraints due to rental arrangements during renovations, we undertook a complete overhaul, reworking the layout and infusing the space with sleek lines, luxury furnishings, and bespoke joinery.


The Penthouse, Downtown Dubai: Elevating Luxury Living

Overlooking the iconic Burj Khalifa, this investment penthouse underwent a transformation to appeal to both holidaymakers and the corporate rental market. Our challenge was to infuse a boutique-style interior that not only complemented the stunning views but also catered to a discerning luxury market. The result? An elegant interior that stands out and creates a lasting impression, perfectly aligning with the prestigious Downtown Dubai location.


Harlow House: Crafting Social Spaces for Family Living

Tasked with an ultra-modern complete home conversion, our client envisioned a social haven that catered to the family's every need. The objective was a flowing open-plan ground floor seamlessly connecting with an outdoor entertaining area for vibrant summer living. Harlow House became a testament to our commitment to creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing spaces that enhance family life.


Glade: Revitalising a Design Classic

In the case of Glade, our clients sought to breathe new life into a property they had designed two decades ago. Focused on updating five bathrooms and a home office, the brief emphasised a modern look with a timeless finish. Prioritising increased storage and a seamless flow, we curated design concepts that revitalised these spaces, ensuring a feel-good modern ambiance with efficient storage solutions. The outcome was a revitalised interior that stood the test of time.


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