Why we set up a Design’d Living studio in Dubai

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Earlier this year, we took the plunge and set up a Design’d Living base in Dubai. The design studio is now based in both the UK and in Dubai.

Design'd Living Dubai

Why Dubai?

Well, Design’d Living Director, Rob Lessmann has a long history of travel to Dubai and knows the Emirate well. Having done small design jobs there he realised that there is a great deal of opportunity to bring a fresh approach to interiors in Dubai, particularly among the ex-pat European community. Many people are looking for a more Euro-centric design style for their apartments, houses and offices in Dubai.

Of course, there are many beautiful traditionally Arabic interiors in Dubai. Rob and the team are not looking to design without thinking about the location, but know that many property owners are after elements of European design, too. This might be Italian marble flooring, or specialist creative lighting, as well as a different palette of colours and textures. Also, in terms of cabinetry, many are looking for very fine handmade and bespoke solutions for their Dubai homes, more like what they have in their homes in Milan and London, for example.

Design’d Living on the Ground in Dubai

Having a base in Dubai has allowed us to fully develop ideas of how we can bring our Design’d Living touch to these Dubai properties. This includes setting up supply networks, ensuring the customs process is seamless, forging links with local teams and tradespeople ensuring we can oversee each project to ensure the highest quality finishes. Rob’s network here in Dubai is growing by the day. He now successfully splits his time between the UK and Dubai, and is loving the challenge of creating a global design studio. Being on the ground in both locations is very important to the success of our projects, and our teams in both places remain available and in touch with clients whenever they’re needed. It’s an exciting time for us. Rob says ‘We’re excited to be working with some great international clients in Dubai and are enjoying exploring new designs with local artisans to push the design boundaries in this wonderful city.'
Design'd Living Dubai

Dubai Penthouse Project by Design’d Living

We’ve just completed a fabulous penthouse apartment project in Dubai, for a property that is to be let to the luxury market. Have a browse here for more images and information.

If you have any property in Dubai or the UK that needs a fresh look, do get in touch.